Brian Shaw

Major Benefits of Zinc as a Component of Daily Diet

The human body is composed of several nutrients and minerals; every nutrient has its special role in maintaining the overall health of the body. Some nutrients help the body in growth; some provide it strength, while others help in regulating the internal functions of the body.

One of the minerals that can provide you with numerous benefits is zinc. Including zinc in your diet can bring you countless benefits. The benefits of zinc are as countless as the benefits of human growth hormone to the body. The lines below from connected congress blog explain the major benefits a person can enjoy by making zinc a regular part of the diet.

1. Supporting Male Reproductive Fertility and Health

The male prostate is greatly dependent upon zinc to work in an optimal manner. If the level of zinc gets low in male prostate, it stops the production of testosterone, increasing the chances of prostate cancer resulting in infertility; moreover, low zinc has also been associated with low libido. Therefore, to enjoy great reproductive health and be fertile, men need to consume as much zinc as possible.

2. Supporting Female Reproductive Fertility and Health

In women, zinc is responsible for the growth of the egg. If zinc is deficient in women, the egg will not be able to mature properly causing infertility in women. An adequate amount of zinc enables women to use progesterone and estrogen hormones with efficiency, which help in betterment of female reproductive health.

3. Boosts Immune Function and Prevents Cancer

Maintaining an adequate level of zinc in your body can help a great deal when it comes to curing severe health problems, such as cancer and weak immune system. Moreover, the low zinc levels, according to latest researches have been found to be a major reason for cancers such as:

  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Ovaries cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Leukemia

4. Improving Cardiovascular Health

Zinc is a vital element for maintaining the health of endothelium and the cardiovascular cell. Endothelium is a thin layer of cells that plays the role of circulation of blood. When the level of zinc gets low, the endothelial barrier gets deficient, resulting in higher cholesterol and inflammation. Cholesterol and inflammation both are the major causes of heart disease.

5. Improvement in Strength and Athletic Performance

Zing directly affects the strength development and athletic performance of men as it is a major contributor in the production of anabolic hormone. Different researches show that having an adequate level of zinc in the body, helps in production of three most important hormones:

  • Growth hormones
  • Testosterone
  • Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1)

Therefore, men who want their testosterone levels increased should inculcate zinc into their diet and consume a substantial amount of it.

6. Antioxidant Effects

There is no better antioxidant mineral than zinc. The major purpose of an antioxidant is to remove the free radicals from the body that damage the cells. Effects of high iron are also countered and neutralized best by zinc. Moreover, zinc is also a good agent in fighting free radicals that primarily cause inflammation in the body.

When the level of Zinc gets low, the body takes prone to various diseases, and when its level is adequate in the body, the body remains healthy and stays strong in fighting against ailments. Zinc is one of the important minerals that have a crucial role to play in the functions of human body.