Brian Shaw

Easy Lower Ab Workouts To Flatten Your Tummy

best lower abs exercises

Are you frustrated because you have been told several things about easy lower ab workouts, but you think it is quite difficult to search one for you? Although there are a lot of lower ab exercises, few of them provide the kind of results people want: totally ripped abdominal muscles. One of the most difficult things to do in life is to flatten the tummy. The reason behind this lies in a large amount of time and effort needed to sustain the routine. While money is not a huge factor in this regard, facing the consequences is costly. Aside from the possible diseases that may arise out of obesity, you cannot pay the loneliness felt due to the sufferings. As a result, gym experts come up the most powerful lower ab workouts to flatten your tummy. In this case, time is immaterial, but how you execute as well as your repetitions matter a lot.

What Are the Simplest Lower Ab Exercises Routines?

Oblique Abdominal Muscle

One of the simplest lower ab workouts is the abdominal oblique muscle. In this exercise, you will draw your abdomen for ten seconds. This is the best technique to activate the muscles. According to the fitness specialists, you should perform this training ten times per day.

Bicycle Maneuver

A different helpful lower ab exercise routine to help flatten your abdomen is called the bicycle maneuver. While you are lying horizontally on the ground with your hands behind your head and your legs elevated, start to perform a pedaling movement with your legs and bring your right elbow to your right knee and next your left elbow to your left knee. Carry out at least ten twists to both side on a daily basis.

Classic Crunch

The most popular and the easiest lower ab workout is the classic crunch. While lying on the ground with bent knees and both feet tightly on the ground with your hands across your upper body crunch your abs together and make sure your shoulders come up off the ground a few inches. Do at least twenty crunches on a daily basis.

Cardio Exercises

It is also imperative to include cardio activity into your everyday lower abdomen workout routine. One of the easiest among cardio exercises is walking as you only need supportive and comfortable walking shoes. You might as well go swimming, running, or cycling. It is true that six pack muscle will not be possible when fats cover your muscles. Doing these type of exercises will not only burn calories but will also result in losing fats from your abdomen.

You see people who workout regularly, but little "pot" in their lower abdomen. They just have not discovered the easy lower ab workouts. This can be frustrating, as you are working hard and still don't have the results you want. With these workouts, you will look good in no time at all. In the beginning do not force yourself too hard. You just need to execute things naturally and slowly, giving your body enough time it needs to adjust to the changes.