Brian Shaw

Cardio Strength Training Workouts

The best workout routine is one that combines strength training and some form of cardio exercise. Sometimes people don’t like doing cardio and will make up excuses not to do it. A good example of this is there is not enough time in the day. This article, however, will show you how to get motivated to get fit - no more excuses.

First of all, it is important to know why you need to add cardio to your workouts? Most people know that strength training leads to lean muscle and a stronger body, as well as overall better health.

So here is a list of some of the benefits of cardio:

  • Itsignificantly reduces stress levels
  • Itboosts the metabolism which means more calories are burned which leads to weight loss
  • Itstrengthens your heart and lungs
  • Itdecreases your risk of certain diseases
  • Itreduces depression because of the increase in dopamine (the feel good hormone) and also increases confidence
  • Itgives you a boost in energy and helps you sleep more soundly

Before any muscle toning exercise, make sure you warm up first for at least ten minutes, so as not to damage any muscles.

Interval training is good for running, either outdoors or on a treadmill - it’s the same workout. Begin with a warm up jog, then increase the pace for two minutes. Follow the faster pace with slow jog or a walk for another two minutes. Do this another four times.

This will give you a great 20 minute cardio workout. If you prefer you could alter this exercise to two minutes of fast then two minutes slow, then do this four times.

We are all different, so here is another option, you may prefer to go for one minute fast pace, then one minute slow pace, and repeat nine times. These exercises are all a great cardio workout.

The following is an exercise is for the whole body. It’s called the Medicine Ball Slam.


It is great for relieving stress, because it uses up adrenaline. Excess adrenaline causes anxiety and results in symptoms such as a raise in heart rate, over breathing and increased perspiration.

This exercise is also very helpful in order to build strength and tones the muscles in the upper body, core, and legs. What makes it so good is that it is also an easy full-body exercise.

So you obviously need a medicine ball. You cold simply buy or borrow one (or you can usually find one in the gym). Once you have access to a ball, simply raise it above your head, then throw your arms down as you let go of the ball and drop it onto the ground as hard as you possibly can.

This could be loud, so if you don’t do it at home, but at the gym, just find somewhere away from other people. Also, take precautions not to let it bounce back into your face.

To start, do as many repetitions as you can. Everyday increasing the reps until you reach ten. Once this gets easy, gradually increase the reps. You will feel the benefits from day one. Keep going so it becomes a routine.

In summary, as the days go by you will reap the rewards of a toned body and increased strength. This coupled with the cardio will improve the way you feel, in both mind and body.